Japanese people still use “Ninja skills”!!!


Nowadays Ninja is very popular all over the world.

A Ninja came to be known worldwide though manga and anime.

“Naruto” is the most popular ninja manga and more than 200 million copies of “Naruto” have been published world wide.

Ninja use a lot of Ninjutsu, which is the technique or method for their activity. For that reason, Ninja classes are very popular among tourists from overseas in Japan.


And sometimes foreigners ask

“Are there Ninjas in Japan?”

Unfortunately now we don’t have Ninjas but Japanese people still use “Ninjutsu” in our life. Today I introduce 3 popular “Ninjutsu” in Japan.


【1】Even though crowded, we never bumped into each other



【2】we can sleep while standing on the train



【3】Molesters have amazing Sexual harassment skills on the train




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