3 Interesting things about Ninja!!

Ninja refers to a group of selected warriors or person with special skills who existed about 500years ago, during the Era of Samurai Waring State.They intruded into enemies fields and forts and sometimes fought against them and acted secretly to obtain enemies information for their lives.

This article introduce 3 interesting informations about Ninja


【1】Ninjas were contract worker…



During the Era of Samurai Waring State, there are many Ninja group organized,Especially IGA Ninja group and Kouga Ninja group were very famous. They organized Ninja group, It’s like a temporary ninja agency.

When they take on a assignment, they organized unit and in charge of order.




・Their contract with Samurai client was based on money. They don’t have close relationship with client.


・Even though Samurai Clients are battled each other, They send ninjas to both samurai clients.


・They can never forgive traitors and ninjas who backed out from their job.

・they trained Ninja skills since they were kids. So they have special Ninja skills.


・They did unique training, for example running with paper on their face.


・Hanzo Hattori who was one of the leaders of the Iga Ninja organization, who worked under ”Shogun, which literally means “military general”, was the hereditary military and political ruler who was appointed by Emperor.


・One of the gates of Edo castle named “Hanzomon” this is from his name and It still remains as name of places “Hanzomon”in Tokyo.


・Hanzo Hattori is modeled on famous cartoon character “Ninja Hattori Kun”(above ninja character)

But It’s said Hanzo Hattori was a Samurai, he wasn’t a Ninja…orz




・Kouga Ninjas are faithful to their Samurai clients.


・they usually work as farmer or peddler. when they receive a charge, they go to enemies field and forts and acted secretly.


・They are good at making medicines and they impersonate medical meddling.


・One of the reminders of this fact, Koga city is famous for manufactures of medicines.


【2】Ninja don’t throw shuriken to enemies!



The shrunken is one of the ninja weapons, which is shaped like a star.

We think ninja threw Shrunken to enemies.

but It is said that Ninja did’t throw a shuriken!!!!

They used it as knife most of the time.

And they dipped shuriken in poison to cut parts of body of the enemy…


【3】 Japanese Policemen are descendant of the Ninjas!!



After the Era of Warring States, Ninja’s job decreased.

Some Ninja who worked under Shogun, started working as guards.

Then after finishing Edo period(Samurai Age), Ninja finished their rule and

some of them became policemen.

Policeman might have been descendant of the Ninjas!!



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