NHK has a strong sense of humor

Famous Japanese celebrity Pierre Taki 51years old was arrested

cause he used Cocaine.

His real name is Masanori Taki.

He wanted to have a western cool name so when he was young,

he decided to use Pierre as his stage name.

Definitely, he already used the drug at that time.


He is the member of Denki Groove, a well-known techno band in Japan.

He is successful as actor and TV show host.

So many Japanese people are so disappointed that he used an illegal drug,

And enjoy making fun of him and changed his name on Wikipedia

to Cocaine Taki.

Sony music which is managing Denki Groove decided to stop selling their CD, DVD and Digital distribution.

There are many discussions about this on the Internet,

I think if they stop selling Denki Groove products

They should also stop selling all American Artists products too.


NHK scheduled releasing a movie he’s starring in.

But they changed the movie to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

But Unfortunately River Phoenix is in that movie.

He not only used Cocaine but also he died

because of sniffed too much Cocaine.

NHK has a strong sense of humor.

It’s like stop releasing Luice CK’s comedy show.

Instead, release the Cosby show.

We could learn a lot.




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