Ministry of Tokyo Olympic

In the US, Media hate Trump and always complains of Trump,

Now in Japan, one politician is on the news.

His name is Yoshitaka Sakurai,

He said

as a politician, I have two big problems.

I can’t speak English at all.

I can’t use a computer.

And now he is the ministry of Tokyo Olympic and in charge of cybersecurity.

It’s the same as Donald Trump become president.

Recently we have very sad news,

Famous talented Olympic swimmer Rikako Ikee

She Confessed she has “Leukaemia”

After releasing this sad news,

Media asked Sakurai what do you think?
And He said“I’m so disappointed”

Then his comments went viral.

All media reports he is a piece of shit.

Actually, before he said “I’m so disappointed” he also said

“I’m so sorry to hear that, Now she needs to focus on taking care and I hope she will be recover and come back.”

But our Media cut all those good comments and just reported

He said I’m so disappointed.


But there is the reason why media make fun of him.

Cause His comments were always super funny.

Not as much as Trump.

During the Congress,

He was asked about Olympic charter the rules and guidelines by the Opposition party.

He said I’ve never read it but I heard it before.

Even though He is the Minister of Olympic.


This is like,

Even if he was a producer of Harry Potter Movie.

He said

I’ve never read Harry Potter but I heard of it before.

Merry Poppin is my favorite character.

And he is the leader of cybersecurity.

He said “I don’t know how to use computer cause I don’t have it.

He even doesn’t know what is USB ?

BBC reported he is the system error.


But I don’t think so.

He is the No1 ministry of cybersecurity.

He doesn’t have a PC and USB.

So It’s impossible to hack him.

He shows us how to protect from the threat of cyber attack.

We have to learn from him.

He doesn’t have USB


He has a great USB.

(Unequivocally shitty brain)





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