Condom Manufacturers Lie

There are many reports of fake news in the world.

Like every time Donald Trump opens his mouth.

In Japan, we have a big new case of fake news

Ministry of health reported they produced 453 million condoms in December 2018.

Even though the average number of production each month is 20million.

It’s 15 times bigger compared to the average per month.

I know December is Christmas season which means sex season in Japan.

but it’s too much.

Honestly its 3times the maximum for us.

Actually, It’s 32milliion, about one-tenth of the reported number.

Maybe Japanese Ministry of health tried to appear like

“we don’t have a Sexless problem anymore”


“No more Bukkake.”


Anyway Even though we do exaggerate the number of condoms made.

Japan is the No1 country in terms of the number of produced condoms and the number exported.

You are welcome, guys.

Our country reduced the birthrate and we lessen the effect of global warming.

you are very welcome!


Now we have US and China trade war.

America really cares about copyright infringement from China.

But what We Japanese feared the most has already happened.

The most important of our Japanese technology was stolen.

China produced 0.01 super thin condom.

and they advertised it in an NBA court during the game.

now it’s getting bigger in the world.

Okamoto condom is the last pride of Japan.

We thought that’s is very Japanese technology.

Now we are exposed to Chinese threat.

We should send more Japanese porno videos.

So they will not need to use condoms.

Like we do!

Our bukake video.





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